Progressive companies of all sizes have relied upon online training delivery – eLearning – for almost two decades and knowledge workers new and seasoned alike have grown comfortable with accessing courseware, attending webinars, completing assessments and interacting with their peers, leaders, mentors and subject matter experts through the web browser on their desktop or laptop computer. And while OnPoint is one of several qualified providers of Learning Management System and Talent Management System solutions, our approach is unique via an underlying platform that enables a feature consistent yet display optimized learning experience from any Internet-connected computer, mobile device, eBook reader or intelligent display. We provide an array of tools that help T&D teams organize and assign structured training curriculums to meet formal learning needs as well as unstructured, self-service learning portals that serve more “ad hoc” learning environments.

OnPoint’s award winning OnPoint Learning & Performance System consists of a core LMS/LCMS (“Learning Management System/Learning Content Management System”) platform plus a dozen additional modules that extend the content delivery experience far beyond the ability to post and track courseware on a web site. Key modules include:

  • Customized Learning Portals (“OP-Portal”)
  • Integrated Document Management System (“OP-Doc”)
  • Ecommerce Engine (“OPEC”)
  • Self-Registration engine (“OP-Register”)
  • Optional Language Modules (available options)
  • Optional Gamification Module
  • Full API Tool Kit (“OP-API”)
  • Connectors for Conferencing Tools (Cisco Webex, Citrix Go2Meeting, Adobe Connect)
  • And, CellCast Solution for enterprise mLearning
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