Since its release in April 2013, the Experience API (also known as xAPI or Tin-Can) has knocked SCORM off its long-established perch. Like SCORM, xAPI is a protocol for tracking learning related activity but with the key distinction that xAPI allows you to track learning in almost any context or method – formal or informal – and not just as summary-level progress records stored in a traditional LMS platform.

OnPoint has been on the forefront of the xAPI movement since its inception and is now recognized as both an early adopter and innovator in this emerging L&D market trend. In fact, OnPoint was the second LMS vendor to attain xAPI Conformance through the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) organization for our integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) Platform in summer 2017. OnPoint’s approach to xAPI is simply not as a “bolt-on” companion service but, rather, is offered as a fully integrated solution set that combines traditional LMS results with next generation LRS results into a uniform set of reporting and analytics. xAPI services have been deeply incorporated throughout the platform spanning well beyond content-level progress tracking and assessment results by actively applying xAPI support to informal learning, social interactions and search results as well as UX navigation patterns, site/app usage patterns and learner behaviors (A/B testing). Finally, OnPoint offers a vast array of configurable dashboards and tools that “slice and dice” data sources to help teams make better informed decisions about their training plans and objectives.

Key xAPI Features:

  • Fully integrated Learning Record Store (LRS) platform
  • Wide array of dashboards & data analytics tools
  • Ability for Admins to define xAPI statements for any system action (including UX)
  • Only vendor offering full “offline xAPI” statement tracking for mobile users with any third party content
  • Historical statements via an “xAPI Genesis” tool & wizards
  • Available API connectors to connect to other LRSs including Watershed, Yet, others